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Welcome to InvertedMicroscopes.com

Thank you for visiting our online store.  You have sucessfully found one of the best website locations on the Internet to buy an inverted microscope.  This website is devoted to the type of microscopy equipment that is used by biologists and laboratory technicians for examining tissue cell cultures in petri dishes.

We have the specific equipment you need and at the price level you can afford. We have several models for doing cell culture work with live cultures in petri dishes.  Most of our models also have phase contrast microscopy capability.

To enhance our variety as well as to serve a wider range of customers, we carry both the Chinese made as well as name brand units made by the world’s top manufactures.  Our refurbished used Zeiss, Olympus, and Nikon instruments are the best quality that money can buy.  They are best suited for laboratory and medical usage.  No Chinese brand will be able to compare in quality to what these Japan and German engineered and manufactured instruments can do.  Your cost savings for getting the equipment refurbished instead of new from a dealer is substantial.

Live tissue cultures are usually viewed using an inverted design. This particular design has the objectives facing upward, hence the name “inverted”. In a normal upright compound light microscope, the objectives face downward and are for viewing specimens on a glass slide with a glass cover slip over the specimen. Our models view the cell cultures as they reside in a Petri dish, looking at them from the bottom of the dish. This allows the specimens to remain untouched and in a more natural, live state. In a conventional upright compound light unit, the specimen would need to be scraped and smeared on a glass slide, with a cover slip placed over it. This thin layer of biological specimen would then be viewed under high power magnification. Our inverted models allow direct viewing of the undisturbed live culture inside the Petri dish. The instruments all come with long working distance objectives, designed for looking through the thickness of the bottom of the petri dish. Normal objectives on a compound scope are typically rated for viewing through only 0.17mm glass thickness which is the standard thickness of a glass cover slip. The bottom of the Petri dish is much thicker requiring these special long working distance objectives to be used.

There is another type of an inverted microscope that is sometimes referred to. This type is for metallurgical use, such as examining metallic specimens. It also has the objectives inverted and facing upwards, just like on the biological and cell culture versions. If this is the type of instrument you are searching for, please visit this website, metallurgicalmicroscopes.com for more details.

If you also need fluorescence microscopy capability with your complete system, then we invite you to visit this website where you will see inverted units having that ability.  Visit fluorescencemicroscopes.com for more details.

Please contact our sales department today. We are happy to discuss your particular application and make a good recommendation for you. We are your solution and will strive to provide you the best equipment to meet your specific application while keeping in mind your budgetary concerns.