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About Us

We are an online company dedicated to providing our customers around the world the solution to their microscopy needs.  In particular, we provide biological and clinical microscopes that are of inverted design.  Most of them are used for cell culture work and also include phase contrast microscopy.

Our goal is to give you enough options to make a good selection.

We have a good variety including Chinese made models of low cost as well as name brand equipment.  Our Nikon, Zeiss, and Olympus microscopes are the best quality that’s available.  We refurbish and service all of the used branded inverted microscopes that we sell.  You can buy equipment anywhere, but your cost will probably be much higher.  We pride ourselves on running our company efficiently and reducing the prices as much as possible for our customers.  Purchasing a refurbished instrument will save you a significant amount over something brand new, yet will still yield as-new images.  All of our Chinese units are brand new, never used.

We encourage you to contact us about your microscopy needs so we can help find the best solution for your application as well as your budget.