Price USD $ 3000


Ergonomic Inclinable Trinocular Head:

  • Trinocular Photography Port.
  • Camera and camera attachment is not included. However, this has the required top photography port for attaching other equipment.
  • Pair of HC PLAN 10x/22 High eyepoint for use with eyeglasses.Each with diopter adjustments.
  • Interpupillary adjustment. 55-75mm.
  • Open slot in neck (below head) for inserting sliders such as for polarization.


  • 4X: HI PLAN 4X/0.10, /-.
  • 10X: HI PLAN 10X/0.22, /-. PH1. (Phase Contrast). 506271.
  • 20X: HI PLAN 20X/0.30, /0-2. PH1. (Phase Contrast)(Long Working Distance). 506272.


  • Condenser marked S 80/0.30. N.A 0.30. 521252
  • Phase Contrast Slider. Leica 11521256.
  • Integrated Modulation Contrast Slider: IMC S80. Settings for: 10x, 20x, 40x.

General Specifications:

  • Quad 4-Place Nosepiece.Room for one more objective to be added.
  • Low Position XY stage movement, right hand configuration.
  • Whole stage moves X and Y compared to the others where there is an XY slider mechanism. This is a higher grade movement system.
  • Extra large size stage.
  • Fine and Coarse focusing knobs.

Frame Markings:

  • Leica Type 11 090 137 008;
  • Made in Year 2011.
  • 5V DC.Maximum Power 5W.
  • Power adapter is autovolt: 100-240VAC. 47-63 Hz.
  • Highly efficient and creates less heat with the LED. Only 5W Maximum used.
  • 50,000 hours service life for LED bulb.
  • Made in Germany
  • CE Certification.
  • Made in Germany