MODEL: Model: Olympus CKX41
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Main Features

  • Frame Marking: Model CKX41SF
  • 6V-30W Halogen transmitted illumination system with a light condenser and phase slider.
  • IX2-SLP.Pre-Centered Phase Slider.4x, 10x, 20x, 40x settings. Plus open space for filter. No filter is there but this can take a neutral density filter.
  • Phase Slider is the pre-centered type for ease of use. It does not have any centering adjustment. No need to do any tedious and time consuming phase centering when changing objective magnifications.
  • Condenser Numerical Aperature 0.30.
  • Four position objective nosepiece turret.
  • Rubber cupping eyeguards with ability to block out extraneous illumination.
  • Stage with XY movement for precise positioning of stage dishes.
  • Includes multi-use stage plate adapter for holding different sizes of petri dishes or can place a normal glass slide on it.It has an insert to use with smaller dishes and culture vessels.
  • Larger dishes and other cell plates can be used with other stage plates or simply remove the XY slider assembly and set on top of the stage and manually move it. Contact us for your special needs with petri and culture vessel sizes.
  • Included all needed power cords.

Transmitted Illumination

  • Halogen Lamp Housing: U-LS30-3. 6V-30W.Mounted on top for transmitted illumination.

Objective Lenses

  • Plan N 4x/0.10, Infinity/-.
  • CAchN 10x/0.25, PhP, infinity/-.
  • LCAchN 20x/0.40, PhP, Infinity/1.
  • Has space to add another objective if needed.


  • This microscope is in great condition.


  • This is a high quality Olympus, made in Japan, optical instrument.
  • We also sell Chinese made microscopes but the quality is substantially lower.
  • We highly discourage buying the Chinese microscopes due to the problems that incur after the sale.

User Manual and Instructions

  • Click this link: Olympus CKX41 Inverted Microscope Brochure
  • Click this link: Olympus CKX41 Inverted Microscope Operating Manual