Price USD $ 1700



  • 20x: LD A-Plan 20x/0.30, Infinity/1.0, Ph1Var1. Part#1006-592 (Note: this objective doesn’t show up in the photos as it was added later, but it is included)
  • 40x:  LD A-Plan 40x/0.50, Infinity/1.0, Ph2. Part#1006-595.
  • Long working distance design for inverted.


  • PI 10x/18 High eyepoint (eyeglasses usage).
  • Diopter adjustment on one eyepiece for ability to synchronize the image between eyepieces.

General Features:

  • Swivel Head, rotatable 360 Degrees.
  • 5-Place Quintuple Nosepiece.

Light Source:

  • 6V-25W/30W Transmitted Illumination Source
  • 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz.
  • Variable Intensity Light.

Light Condenser:

  • Iris Diaphragm.
  • 0.4 Numerical Aperature.
  • Daylight Blue Filter.

Phase Contrast Microscopy:

  • Setting for Ph2-0.4.

Note: There is an empty space for the other phase annulus (Ph1).  The Ph1 annulus is not included but could easily be added to the empty space.


  • This is a reconditioned microscope and is in good working condition.

User Manual and Instructions:

click this link:  Zeiss Axiovert 25 Inverted Microscope.pdf